Extruder melt pump to improve product quality

  Improve product quality in the absence of melt pump extruder screw conveyor taste due to the instability of the material is not sufficient, the material in the melting or softening point of unstable solid bed broken, pulsating and feeding motor load as a result of unequal out fluctuations , thus affecting the quality of products, such as uneven thickness, low accuracy . Especially in the production of thin articles is more obvious , will produce 10% of the difference in thickness , such as extruded PET sheet material . So sometimes in order to ensure uniformity of the sheet, the sheet must be thick throughout , this would be a waste. Additional melt pump , the volatility arising out of the screw head and downstream equipment and to isolate, thus greatly weakened fluctuations upstream , play the role of regulator . Under ideal conditions during melt  pump is not conveying material sliding material , i.e. having a constant delivery volume of the gear pump so that the inlet of the melt irrespective of how pressure changes with fluctuations in the flow , so long as the material into the melt gear pump full cogging can melt gear pump to be able to stabilize the head pressure and flow conveying materials . Thus reducing the output fluctuation of the nose , the output fluctuation of only 0.1% . As a result, the density and dimensional accuracy of extruded products is guaranteed , reduced scrap rates proud . For example , the use of a melt gear pump , PET film thickness error generated from 3% to 0.5 %. In addition, the cable jacket extruded PE , the extruded product to improve the thickness accuracy of the mass error from 13.5% down to 2.7% . Improve the accuracy of the product in addition to improving the quality of products , but also can reduce material waste , reduce production costs, thereby obtaining certain economic benefits.

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