What is the melt metering pump

  What is the melt metering pump, metering pump is designed for a melt metering pump liquid. Majority metering diaphragm and piston pumps are used to structure the structure of the gear pump is also useful because they can be kept constant and the discharge flow rate independent of pressure. Melt metering pump and the two non-adjustable flow rate regulation, the wider applicability of the former. Flow by changing the stroke length adjustment, for example, changing the radius of the crank, the stop position and the clearance of the piston rod and the plunger at a crosshead connected to the return, or by changing the number of reciprocations or a combination of two methods to adjust the flow. Melt metering pump is widely used in the chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical, food and nuclear industry. The company has a certain strength, and technical aspects of the production are strict requirements, according to the production process operation, strict quality problems. Aftermarket customers to solve all problems, so that customers can be assured of purchase using our products.

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