Batte: melt pump forerunner

  Energy conservation is an important work of great concern to China in recent years , this work has become an important direction for future development of the industry . With the expanding range of applications of plastics , industrial presses in an important position in the ranks of the energy saving . When the state 's energy conservation efforts to further increase , the development of more high yield of low-energy products became presses companies to win an important future market capitalization . Melt Pump Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou Bart presses equipment manufacturers can help achieve this requirement , through the installation of a melt extruder screw design and optimization of the pump unit energy consumption can be reduced by 10% -15 % or higher.

  Zhengzhou Bart melt pump , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of melt pump ( melt metering pump , melt gear pump , hot melt pump ) of high-tech enterprises, products mainly used in high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt transport , increasing pressure measurement, widely used in plastics , resins , rubber extrusion , such as: granulation, film, pipe , plate, sheet and other industries. According to Miss Pan Bart sales manager , melt pump main function is to flow steadily into the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder booster , regulators extrusion die . Its steady melt pressure and flow capacity than types of extruders. When it with a single screw or twin-screw extruder used in tandem , the effectiveness of the entire production line to make a significant increase in the requirements of energy saving easy reach .

  Bad Company established over the years , the application of technology in the melt pump accumulated rich experience by actively introduce foreign advanced production technology melt pump , the company's expertise has been standing in front of the industry . In recent years, the development trend of Bad Company pursuant to the application of technology in the world melt pump , melt pump operating base management, performance , equipment, structure development, control technology and other aspects of the research carried out and achieved good results. Bart is currently 70% of the company's products are sold in China , which in South China, East China , North China market share is high , the other 30 % of the products are exported to other countries and regions in Asia , Germany and the United States , customers have been highly praised . There's even a melt pump manufacturers abroad initiative to come to requirements OEM.

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