Melt pump for plastics extrusion

  • Theory:External Meshed Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Structure:Gear Pump
  • Power:Electric
  • Pressure:High Pressure
  • Certificate:CE
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Products Details

  Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co., Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturer about melt pump for plastics extrusion, gear pump for plastics extrusion or for plastics extrusion metering pump products in China. Being a professional supplier for melt pump products, we have been accumulating adequate experience on the application technique.

  Scope of FieldExamples

  Polymer Meltfilm, pipe, plate, sheet, granulation

  High Temperature or High Viscosity MaterialsPC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA

  Other Polymer Melt Materialsrubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants

  One Whole Set of BATTE Melt Pump System Comprise :

  1. Melt Pump

  2. Driven Motor System: motor + reducer

  3. Control System: PLC touchscreen system

  • Brand Name: BATTE
  • Model Number: ZB-B-250CC
  • Theory: External Meshed Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Structure: Gear Pump
  • Usage: Polymer Melt Gear Pump
  • Power: Electric
  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
  • Fuel: No Need
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Application: transportation, pressurization or metering of polymer melt
  • Scope of Application: Almost all kinds of plastics
  • Viscosity:Up to 40000Pas
  • Material for Pump Housing: M4 Steel
  • Gear Tooth:Straight (Optional)
  • Melt Pump Model:0.1CC-6000CC
  • Capacity Delivery:0.05-120000L/H
  • Max. Outlet Pressure: Less than 40MPa
  • Max. Differential Pressure: 275Bar
  • Heating Method:Stainless Steel Heating Rod
  • Sealing Method:Mechanical Sealing (Optional)
Packaging Details: Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail: 5-6 Weeks