Micro gear pump

Micro gear pump advantages are outstanding. From today's point of view, the gear pump cannot be neglected in the extrusion if you want to produce high-quality products....


Micro gear pump,gear pump

Low flow gear pump

Low flow gear pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt. 1). OEM services provided; 2). Excellent quality assurance; 3). Fast delivery; 4). Worldwide dealer or agent wante...


gear pump

Polymer gear pump

Polymer gear pump: Extrusion Line Synchronization Made Easy You can eliminate extruder surge and screw beat at the die by using this gear pump....


Polymer gear pump,gear pump

Plastic gear pump

Plastic gear pump is mainly used for transportation, pressurization and metering of high temperature or high viscosity polymer. 1.For the field of resin, rubber, plastic, sheet, plate, film, pipe. etc; 2.Excellent quality assurance; 3.OEM services...


Plastic gear pump,gear pump

Mini gear melt pump

Mini gear melt pump Specifications Increase of discharge pressure Precision output of flow rate Increased production quality Permanent metering accuracy Roles of gear pump...


gear melt pump,gear pump